Port Clinton residents begin clean-up as Ottawa County under state of emergency

Port Clinton resident Ellen Shawl points out flooding in her backyard (WNWO - Michael Fairchild).

The clean-up is now underway in Ottawa County, as residents are under a state of emergency.

Around 5.5 inches of rain fell overnight in Port Clinton alone.

"The flooding is the worst I've seen it in many, many years," said Port Clinton Mayor, Hugh Wheeler.

Port Clinton, Oak Harbor and County Commisioners were all working together to help with homes affected in the area, following a county-wide state of emergency.

Area residents and businesses spent the day cleaning up debris including Magruder Hospital.

In a Facebook post, it said the main lobby, gift shop hallway, and radiology were all affected.

Ellen Shawl woke up around 3 a.m., after hearing someone get stuck in front of her house.

"They ended up swimming down to their ride, but when I went back into the house, I heard the basement gurgling and found ankle deep water. It was pretty bad here last night."

The flooding led to a stack of trash in her front yard.

"Honestly, anything that was on the floor that could absorb water did, and that's what is in the garbage right now. Just a whole lot of boxes and I've got some rugs downstairs still that need to go."

Water spread to her back yard, where her wood pile floated to her neighbors.

She considered herself lucky, though.

"Two doors down, the neighbors washer and dryer were floating."

17 roads were closed in Port Clinton because of the high water.

All but two have opened back up.

If you need assistance, you're encouraged to call the United Way's 2-1-1 line.

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