Pro-life, Pro-choice rally across the street from each other by Capital Care

Pro-choice counter protesters organized right in front of Capital Care (WNWO).

North Haven Avenue was the only dividing line between a pro-choice and pro-life event tonight in Toledo.

Catholic Charities hosted a prayer vigil across the street from Capital Care, the last remaining abortion clinic in Northwest Ohio. Gaining knowledge of the vigil, a counter protest was organized in front of the Capital Care building.

"We always feel blessed, whether it's four or forty, who come out to pray. When two or three are gathered and the Lord is with them. We know that Jesus and His spirit of love, of peace, of mercy, of healing and forgiveness is with us here tonight," said Prayer Vigil Organizer, Peter Range.

Catholic Charities hosted the candlelight prayer vigil, with the intent to "bring Christ's light to the darkness."

"Just to come out to pray for the dignity and respect of every single human life, including the unborn child. It's important tonight because it's the advent season and we're preparing to receive Christ this Christmas."

Directly in front of Capital Care, a counter protest supporting a woman's right to an abortion organized with a much more vocal rally, including music.

"Because they held their candlelight vigil, and we feel it's important whenever anti-choice voices are out here. Though they tend to dominate the media landscape, we know that they are not the majority. So we had to be out here and make sure that everybody sees that Toledo will stand up for Capital Care and stand up for abortion care," declared Organizer Kristin Hady.

Capital Care Network of Toledo has been in state news the last few months, as it battles the Supreme Court. It's trying to keep its doors open, and members were heard in September, with no rulings yet made.

Abortion clinics in the state have dropped from 16 to 7 over the last few years.

Organizer Kristin Hady believes Capital Care must stay open for families that can't afford to travel long distances to get the procedure.

"Abortion care is necessary medical care. Every person has the right to start a family when they want to, and at the time they deem appropriate. If we don't come out here and stand up for Capital Care, who will?"

The two organized events lasted approximately an hour, and the prayer vigil crossed the street at points to try and spread their word with others.

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