ProMedica agrees to transfer agreement with Capital Care Network

ProMedica elected to enter a transfer agreement with Capital Care Network, following a board meeting Monday night (WNWO).

The ProMedica Board of Trustees authorized ProMedica to enter into a transfer agreement with Capital Care Network.

According to the hospital, "entering into this agreement aligns with ProMedica's Mission and values."

In 2013, Ohio decided that partnerships between abortion clinics and public hospitals were no longer allowed.

That meant that Capital Care and the University of Toledo could no longer work together.

A pro-choice support group gathered outside the doors of ProMedica Hospital earlier Monday, before the agreement was signed, urging them to make that choice.

"Signing a transfer agreement obligates ProMedica to do nothing, nothing beyond what they already do and service patients that come in. All it would do is keep this service in Toledo, and accessible for people that, if they had to go out of state, if they had to go hours away, they might not have that service available to them," said Volunteer Clinic Escort Coordinator, Kristin Hadi.

The Ohio Supreme Court has ruled that the clinic's agreement with the University of Michigan Health Center, at 50 miles away, was not close enough to give sufficient emergency transfer.

Protesters were hoping that they can spark ProMedica and St. Luke's Hospital to help them with a transfer agreement.

"This is the right fight. This is the fight we must have today in Toledo, and I wore my favorite pin. It says, it's about community. If ProMedica wants to be in this community, they need to serve the community, and not be political," declared State Representative, Teresa Fedor.

On the opposite side of the street, an organization called "Created Equal" gathered in counter protest. Members wanted to urge ProMedica to stick by its initial decision of not partnering with Capital Care.

"This hospital is here to uphold life, to do so many great things, to protect life and safe lives, which is completely against the mission of these abortion clinics," exclaimed Communication Coordinator, Sarah Harrington.

In a statement to NBC 24, Capital Care's lawyer, Jennifer Branch, said it is "wonderful news for the women in the Toledo area...and she will be contacting the Ohio Department of Health to see if they will renew Capital Care's license."

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