Promedica and local group announce partnership

Promedica Announces Partnership

An Ohio integrated health system and a national social enterprise have announced a new alliance to mobilize tens of millions of dollars for under invested communities—starting with a $45 million effort to scale up economic opportunity and improve health outcomes in Toledo and the surrounding region over the next decade.

The Local Initiatives Support Corporation (LISC) and ProMedica will concentrate capital and on-the-ground technical support to address social determinants of health and improve overall quality of life.

Notably, the partnership will leverage funds for a major initiative announced last year called the Ebeid Neighborhood Promise (ENP).

The decision is revitalizing Toledo’s UpTown community where more than half of residents live in poverty and 30 percent are unemployed.

New investments and grants will focus on helping families grow employment skills and boost incomes and education.

The goal is to improve community safety, finance healthy homes and vibrant businesses, and ensure communities have quality greenspace and jobs.

ProMedica has been screening and studying the impact of social needs on the health of its patients, finding that financial strain, employment, behavioral health, and access to healthy food are among the most critical indicators.

The partnership includes a $20 million pool of grants, half from each organization, which will be deployed over 10 years for community programs and services.

It also includes a new $25 million loan fund which will finance development projects that would not otherwise move forward.

Of the total lending pool, ProMedica is investing $10 million and LISC is investing $15 million.

Importantly, the partners will work with health researchers to develop a new framework for evaluating how these kinds of community investments impact health--integrating data on financial, educational and clinical outcomes to identify what works.

The investment effort builds on the partners’ long-time commitment to these issues.

For 40 years, LISC has been investing in thousands of urban and rural communities across the country, including $150 million in Toledo since 1989.

In late 2017, LISC announced it would deploy an anticipated $10 billion in national investments over the next decade in ways that are specifically designed to upend health disparities.

The partnership with ProMedica is the first national collaboration designed to support LISC’s expanded health focus.

To move forward, LISC and ProMedica will begin working with community partners and stakeholders in UpTown this month to engage residents.

An operations team based at UpTown’s ProMedica Ebeid Institute will focus on expanding job-training opportunities for residents and onboarding additional community health workers, financial coaches and jobs coaches who will provide free services to the community.

For more information about the ProMedica and LISC partnership, visit

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