Public hearing held for Bedford Township residents over road repair tax

Taxpayers in Bedford Township sounded off at a public hearing about a proposed tax assessment to pay for road repairs.


he public hearing was held Tuesday night at Bedford Junior High School. Township officials are not confident they can depend on county or state agencies for road repair money. That's why they're considering a township wide assessment tax.


f approved, all property owners would pay an additional $75 dollars in property taxes for five years. $925 thousand dollars a year would be generated.

Township residents were divided over their support for the proposed tax.
"I support the assessment, because it keeps the money local and by keeping it local we have more control over how it's spirit. An assessment is fairer than a milage. everybody uses the roads about the same amount, so why not pay the same amount?, explains Bob Cook who supports the tax.


teve Lennex is the Chairman for the Citizens for Fiscal Responsibility. He says his group is prepared to collect petition signatures to stop the plan, "the people that are for the special assessment we have no quarrel with them. we respect their point of view, we just disagree with the undemocratic approach and we disagree with why do you want to tax us first before you spend the money you already have sitting in the coffers?"


ownship officials will hold two more meetings in October before deciding whether to implement the tax or not.

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