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Rain or snow, Mobile Meals of Toledo serves hundreds

Mobile Meals volunteer starts delivery shift.

TOLEDO, Ohio (WNWO) - It can be tough trekking through the snow to get from point A to point B. Especially for those who can’t really get out of their homes. But, Mobile Meals of Toledo is working to bring every person a meal, or two, through these rough winter months.

"Our volunteers are amazing, they go out in all kinds of weather,” said Carolyn Fox, director of Mobile Meals of Toledo.

This time of year, Mobile Meals is a bit busy.

"We do get a lot more inquiries during the winter time,” said Fox. "We deliver to about 450 people a day."

The organization has hundreds of volunteers lending a hand.

"I deliver every other Wednesday," said Mark Stutler, who volunteers for Mobile Meals.

Volunteers have the entire process down pat. First, a group works to make each healthy, and filling, meal.

After the meals are made, volunteers grab their bunch.

"I pick them up at the distribution center and then deliver them," said Stutler.

Even when conditions are not so ideal, they make it work.

"Wednesday took a little bit longer because of the snow, we had a few delays, truck took a little longer to get out,” said Fox.

The only time Mobile Meals won’t head out is during a level three snow emergency.

"A few driveways or sidewalks weren't shoveled and it got a little sloppy," said Stutler.

Mark Stutler is a long time volunteer with the organization. He said it’s far more than just a delivery.

"There was a time I knocked on the door and no one answered, I got a little concerned," said Stutler.

Delivering food, even just a few times a month, allows you to get to know each person.

“It's a personal experience," said Stutler.

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