Raising awareness for cervical cancer

You can purchase one of these wrist bands at Yark Toyota on Conant St during normal business hours. All proceeds will go towards the Victory Center. (WNWO/Marcus Espinoza)

A Maumee woman is on a mission to make sure that "no one fights alone".

25-year-old Shelby Perkins is trying to spread the word about cervical cancer.

She was diagnosed with just last month and just last week had her first surgery.

That's why she made wrist bands with the slogan "no one fights alone".

Perkins says her family has been very supportive and she wants to provide others who may not have the same support with help.

"Some people don't have that support system and if I can help somebody that's in the same situation as me, it just makes a world of difference knowing that someone is there," said Perkins.

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