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Red light camera ticket. Don't pay, no problem?

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Toledo's red light cameras are projected to generate millions in the coming years, but throughout the country, they are being opposed on a regular basis.

Recently, a judge in Cincinnati went so far as to call the cameras, a scam driver's can't win. He then had them turned off.

Toledo Police say the highest ticket issuing cameras are the intersections of Whitmer & Alexis, and Dorner & Collingwood. But the 44 cameras throughout the Glass City are all specifically placed to achieve the highest return.

Secor & Central, and numerous locations on Alexis road are also said to be heavily ticketed according to local attorney Jerome Phillips.

He says about 70% of people simply pay the fine, but there are many who do not. That would mean that tens of thousand of tickets are outstanding.

But apparently, those that don't pay, will face no legal action.

Phillips explains, "There is no court appearance. There are no points assessed against your record. There's no possibility of a warrant being issued for your arrest.

But there may be an impact on your credit rating, much like an unpaid bill.

"The worst that could happen to you is that the company could ultimately file a suit against you if you didn't pay it, try to collect that judgement. And then potentially have that posted to your credit record," says Phillips.

The company that runs the cameras could send you to collections. But Phillips says if you don't mind that hit on your credit score, you shouldn't bother to pay it.

A police spokeperson says many tickets are given when cars are turning right at a red light. And though it may be a legal place to turn right on red, they fail to make a complete stop, and are ticketed for running a red light.

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