Rehab Centers weigh in on Pharmaceutical Company Lawsuits

Pamphlets sitting in the front of the Talbot Center in East Toledo (

Toledo,Ohio (WNWO)-- "In the late 90s everyone wanted to eliminate pain and by gosh they did it. What they didn't think about was that people would get addicted," said Randell Lafond, director of Talbot Clinical Services, a drug rehab center in East Toledo.

He's helped those struggling with drug and alcohol addiction since the 70s, but he says only in the past few years has the issue received major attention.

Just recently in a visit to Toledo Attorney General Mike DeWine announced his plan add more companies to a lawsuit against opioid manufacturers.

Toledo Mayor Paula Hicks Hudson also filed a separate lawsuit this week against big Pharma companies. Norine Wasielewski, director of the Zepf Center-- another drug rehab-- say the action is welcomed, but long overdue.

"This didn't start on its own, big drug companies were a big part of and in fact the major impotence of where we're at today," said Wasielewski.

But there's also concern that a magnifying glass on the pharmaceutical industry will make things worse for those in treatment, like Noah Hamilton who says addicts now struggle with getting treatment.

The law states before doctors can prescribe opioid addiction medication like suboxone they have to receive certification.

Doctors can treat 30 patients the first year, but the following year caps at just 100 patients.

" My family happened to be one of them try to go to a clinic and had to get turned away."

" Once it was simply an inner-city or poor neighborhood issue politicians could ignore it, but now it's national."

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