Reindeer in a can for dinner?

Reindeer for dinner? / scott paterson (flickr)

Outcries over canned reindeer meat have actually led to a surge in its popularity. Despite its status as perhaps the least seasonal Christmas dining fare imaginable, canned reindeer meat is a big hit. In fact, it seems that a protest over the reindeer pt had the unintended effect of increasing its popularity.

A group called Vegetarians International Voice for Animals launched a protest campaign against the U.K. department store Harvey Nicholes for selling cans of the reindeer pt, asking supporters to "politely complain" to the store over the allegedly traumatic harvesting process used to acquire the meat. Admittedly, the packaging of the pt seems designed to tweak delicate sensibilities, claiming the product is a "farm-raised relative of Rudolph" and "an indulgent Christmas treat."

And now the reindeer meat is in no longer on the shelves of Harvey Nichols and at online outlets such as Amazon and but only because stores can't keep up with customer demand for the product, which costs about $23 for a 6.7 ounce container.

Harvey Nichols said he defends selling the product, saying it complies with EU animal farming laws. But store officials say that it won't be putting any more on the shelves until after the holiday rush.

Our online stock has sold out due to the publicity and demand we've received," Harvey Nichols spokeswoman Constance Cooper said. "It's a seasonal product, and stocks are limited, so we will not be restocking prior to Christmas." For more information go to.

Would you eat reindeer from a can?

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