Reminders to keep your pet safe and warm this Winter

Pudding stands by the gate waiting after a quick trip outside (

Toledo, OH (WNWO)-- It's winter time and snow, ice, even the salt lurking outside of your driveway can be a danger to pets.

First time dog owner Cassandra Schultz signed the adoption papers for her puppy Chica on Tuesday, but before the ink could even dry the pair was on the way to a local Pet store.

"It's cold and she's skinny and I thought she could use a winter coat ," said Schultz.

Though it's Schultz first time adopting a dog, she's taking every precaution. According to Jodi Harding, Supervisor at Lucas County Canine Care & Control it's for good reason.

"We always tell people if it's too cold for you to be outside it's too cold for your pet to be outside," said Harding.

The snow might look like a winter wonderland, but the cold weather can have real repercussions.

"I've seen dogs that come in they have frostbite on them, they are injured from the salt," said Harding.

Pet owners also need to be only the lookout for snow and ice chunks that can get caught in pets fur. While some products used to reduce ice are pet friendly others can cause harm .

"If you're taking your pet for a walk and they're holding their paws up, the salt is burning their feet," said Harding.

The chemical can also dangerous if ingested.

"It's something you want to watch, especially with puppies to out anything in their mouth so you want ot keep an eye on them and make sure they're staying away from the salt," said Harding.

When spending time outside, experts say keep it short to about 5 minutes. When it is time for longer walks, make sure your pups are kept on a leash.

It's going to take a little extra time to make sure your pets stay safe and warm this winter. But after, all, what's a little effort for four legged friends that feel like family.

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