Residents and transportation crews take advantage of winter warm up


Toledo, Ohio (WNWO)--

"78 was a big one. I was working then I could only get as far down on the road as colony," said Marne Miller speaking of a great snowstorm.

Though the storm of 78, might not have anything on the melting of 2018, Miller is still taking advantage of the break in the snow.

"Working in the house and things cleaning up the garage," said Miller describing his day-to day activities.

Last week, temperatures fell below zero.

This week, the high in Toledo was near 60 degrees.

But all good things must come to an end as meteorologist Kimberly Newman reported Wednesday night and crews are getting ready.

"Right now we're washing all the trucks, cleaning all the trucks, inspecting all the trucks, fixing anything that was broken during the last storm," said Matt Harvey

Transportation Manager with the Ohio Department of Transportation.

In snow storms, 8 crews from the Ohio Department of Transportation work across seven counties.

"At this point we won't be putting salt on the road until we have the switch over in the morning when it goes from rain to snow," said Harvey.

Though Friday is expected to start with rain and then turn to ice, crews will treat it no differently.

"Depending on conditions, we'll start tomorrow at 4 am and then work 24 hour shifts until the event is over, " said Harvey.

While the weather is warm now, workers are also out picking up litter and debris. Residents too are taking advantage of the warmer temperatures.

Patricia Brown is cleaning up Christmas lights.

"Today is a nice day so I thought I'd take em in and I see the leaf man is out here so I guess we got to do raking too,"

City and state crews are also using the down time to check for potholes.

"With the ground thawing just a little bit, when the moisture gets down to the crack of the asphalt and then it refreezes and we all know ice creates pothole," said Harvey.

Cold weather is coming in the near future, but for now it's just a break in the middle of the winter.

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