Riverside Cemetery completely flooded by Maumee River

    Water is halfway up the gates to the Riverside Cemetery (Courtesy: Maumee Department of Public Service)<p>{/p}

    It's hard to grasp the extent of the flooding in Maumee until you see it from above.

    Water and ice extends from just south of the Trail to West River Road on the other side of the river,

    While most homes are clear of the flood plain, The Riverside Cemetery adjacent to the river has been completely flooded with over 4 feet of water.

    "They actually went down there and took the in-loader down through this morning, They got through, took some video, just to see. It was a, I guess, a nice viewing, seeing that it was nothing but water down there at this point," said Maumee Public Service Director Joe Camp.

    While the water will likely leave only debris behind, the ice has the potential to cause major damage.

    "Our fear is that the ice will let loose at some point and we may get some residual ice effect back into the cemetery again," Camp explained.

    Jenni Hartley's mother was buried in Riverside cemetery in 2016.

    After seeing videos of the floods starting earlier this week, she knew the cemetery may be under threat.

    "I commented on one of the videos yesterday, I'm like, "Is the cemetery flooded too?" Because they were different sections... And then somebody commented on there, the cemetery's fine. I'm like OK. And then I caught it later and someone was like no the cemetery is underwater," Hartley said.

    She fears that her mother's keepsakes, along with all the other flowers and statues and other ornaments, may be lost to the river.

    "There are a lot of people out there that had a lot... a lot. And I was just looking at the video, sad, like all of those people's decorations are probably gone," Hartley said.

    She's not the only one. The City of Maumee has received calls from around the country over the last few days.

    "We have received a few calls from people out of state that has family members buried here asking if there's anything that can be done. There really isn't, the only thing we can do is react to what mother nature throws at us," Camp said.

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