Robbery attempt failure caught on video

A robbery attempt was caught on tape last night at a Stop & Go on Upton Ave. just after 11pm Sunday night.

The would-be robber approached the clerks brandishing a butcher knife and demanding cash.

"We have cameras in 44 different angles in the store, alarms," says store manager Sherri Ketterman.

You can hear the clerks telling the man that he cannot have the money, and that the register is empty.

After that, the man just leaves.

About an hour before, two men in masks came to another Stop & Go a few miles away on Jackman and allegedly tried to rob it. According to an employee that spoke with WNWO, the clerk on duty recognized one of the men as a regular in the store, so he took his mask off and told the clerk he was only kidding.

Employees say in this line of work, and especially during the holiday season, the potential for robbery is always there.

"Crime is out there. People are desperate. You just have to take it one step at a time," says Ketterman.

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