Rossford City Council votes in favor of legalizing medical marijuana

Rossford City Council voted 5-1 to approve medical marijuana in their community (WNWO).

Medical marijuana dispensaries can now be set up in Rossford with the city's approval.

"It's a lot like the casino down the street. Everybody thought that that was going to bring a lot of increased crime and things like that. In fact, they've been a very good neighbor for us. We're kind of looking for this to be the same," said City Administrator, Michael Scott.

Monday night, the Rossford City Council voted 5-1 to legalize the growing and selling of medical marijuana.

Dispensaries can open once council members approve their application.

City Administrator Michael Scott said they have seen some interest in their community.

"We did have a dispenser that wants to come out, and they've taken a look at us. They have to file with the state, and within that, they have to designate a municipality they are going to be going to."

The approval comes after Governor Kasich signed a law in June 2016, allowing medical marijuana.

Even though the legalities are still being worked out with that, Rossford moved forward with its decision.

Scott expects economic growth to come from the approval.

"Well the real positive thing is increased income tax for the city. We also feel, or I should say, the mayor and council feels very strongly for some of our elderly, our sick, some of those folks that need this kind of medication that hasn't been legal before, but soon will be."

If you want to apply for a dispensary, the application has to be approved by both the city and the state.

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