Rossford has community "be their guests" in final theater production in auditorium

Rossford's rendition of Beauty and the Beast was the final production in its old auditorium before renovations this summer (WNWO).

Rossford theater students took one final bow on Sunday, and the curtains closed on the current auditorium.

With their rendition of Beauty and the Beast on Sunday, Rossford High School said goodbye to its current theater, which is now 95 years old.

The theater is a part of numerous renovations coming to the building.

The theater director at Rossford said Sunday's production was the first sold out show she's seen since the late 1990's.

"They kind of understand. Living in the moment, they don't realize what this will mean. Some do, though, as there's a lot of seniors today that will take their last bow. There will be tears and a lot of nerves," said Julie Zatko.

While construction is going on next year, theater students will attend class at Owens Community College.

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