Rossford High School students give back to veterans

U.S. Veteran at the 13th annual Veterans Appreciation Breakfast at the University of Toledo (WNWO/Marcus Espinoza).

Hundreds of Veterans were in attendence for the 13th Annual Veterans Appreciation Breakfast at Savage Arena.

But they were honored by more than just the University of Toledo.

Four Rossford High School Sophomores with Saving Our Soldiers, a group that helps local vets and their families, naturally wanted to help out.

"It's amazing, they're living legends and they have so many stories and they come from so many places and they've been so many places it's amazing to talk to them," said Olivia Smith, Rossford High School Sophomore.

Major Daniel Wendolowski with the Marine Corps was the keynote speaker today.

He says to be featured as a guest is an honor.

"It's a humbling experience. They asked me back in August and have been thinking about it since, kind of worried about it making sure I do all these veterans right and make sure I honor them," said Major Wendolowski.

Smith with Saving our Soldiers says she's proud of what her group represents and tries to do for veterans.

"These are the people who have fought for the freedoms that we have and it means a lot to be able to help them out and almost repay the debt that we owe them," said Smith.

You can donate at their

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