Rossford PD's new gun range nearly finished

Rossford Police Department. (WNWO/Marcus Espinoza)

For the past few weeks, the Rossford Police Department has conducted firearms training exclusively outdoors.

But it hasn’t been by choice.

They’re in the process of a $350,000 upgrade to their indoor shooting range.

“The range was built about 30 years ago. The ventilation system has seen its day,” said Sgt. Mark Marek with Rossford Police.

The new range will replace severely outdated and warped steel plates with new rubber backstops.

The ventilation system was also in need of dire replacement, according to Rossford Police Chief Glenn Goss, the previous system was not properly ventilating lead dust from gun fire.

The new system will circulate fresh air from outside into the basement where the gun range is held.

Rossford Police has one of the few indoor law enforcement shooting ranges in northwest, Ohio.

Along with support from four other local police departments, Rossford applied for and received a grant in 2016 from the Local Government Safety Grant program to redo their range.

The range will be shared by Northwood, Lake Township, Perrysburg Township and Walbridge police departments.

“The indoor range will be rifle rated so we can shoot every weapon that we have in our arsenal,” said Sgt. Marek.

Significant improvements will be made to the targeting system that will be installed as well.

“The officer’s going to basically have to move instead of the old ways where the targets moved back and forth,” said Sgt. Marek.

According to Chief Goss, there may be occasional events and training exercises open to the public at the range, but it's primarily for law enforcement, the chief saying he does not want to take away from retail ranges in the area.

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