Rossford resident puts the house back in haunted

Haunted House exhibit in Arbor Hills neighborhood in Rossford. (WNWO/Marcus Espinoza)

Who said you can't get your candy and get the life scared out of you all at once?

Eric Wiseman has lived in Rossford for 17 years and ever since then, he's made Halloween a bigger priority than most.

Each year he decks out his front yard and driveway with scary and spooky decorations like a skelton here, a zombie fence there...

But that's only half of it...on top of all of that Wiseman turns his driveway into a full blown Haunted House.

"It keeps getting bigger, pallet reinforced and different rooms," said Wiseman.

He says he loves making the event bigger and bigger each year because it provides the kids in the neighborhood a place to not just get candy, but make memories.

"Halloween's the second Christmas. It's fun everyone has fun...unless they're crying, but then they're having fun anyways," said Wiseman.

He says the best part of the entire night is the reaction he gets from the kids and adults that dare enter the haunted house.

"Half the kids don't even get the candy they just run out of there or the parents drag them through crying. I think the parents get more out of it then the kids," said Wiseman.

Wiseman says he's probably put more than a 100 hours into the set up this year.

Despite the huge amount of effort, he says it's worth it.

"It gets me out of the house, outdoors. It's just fun, I like seeing kids have fun I like watching the little kids scare the litter kids that's the best part," said Wiseman.

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