Run safer: Safety tips & techniques anyone can use


Some are still leery or have even changed their exercise habits since a young Fulton County woman was abducted in broad daylight over the summer.

20-year-old Sierah Joughin was simply riding her bike one late summer day when she went missing and was later found dead.

She was returning from a bike ride near Evergreen High School- the evening of July 19, but University of Toledo student-Sierah Joughin- never made it home.

Just a few days later, the young woman was found dead. James Worley is facing charges for attacking and killing Joughin.

The tragedy hit close to home for many. For some, now they think twice about heading out for a walk or jog.

“I think that's the light bulb moment” Todd Williams, Founder of RunSafer said. “When something happens in a community--where somebody's attacked- that's where everybody's interested."

But Williams siad there's even more you can do to feel safe. Using his background as a two-time Olympic distance runner and black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, he helps others protect themselves. The decisions and actions made in a matter of seconds, can be the difference between life and death, so Williams teaches workshops to prepare you for the worst.

Williams uses a variety of tips and trainings to show others how to fight back. You can see the moves demonstrated in the video or on his website. Click here to learn more or find out when you can attend his next workshop.

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