Sauder Village Expands into the 1920's, Archbold

Sauder 1920s.PNG

Sauder Village is officially open but guest might notice a lot of modern technology being used in the historic town. The dirt roads that wind through the village look a little extra rocky with their newest project in the works.

Almost every town has a Main Street and soon you'll be able to experience what life was like waking down one in NW Ohio about a century ago. The village currently displays homesteads and buildings with life centered around agricultural demonstrations during the early to late 1800s. They are now adding to the village with their “walk through time experience” featuring a 1920’s Main Street.

Phase one of the project got underway during the winter with laying down the infrastructure and carving out roads. This phase will continue throughout the spring and summer with the addition of a community band stand, barbershop, livery and train depot to accommodate the Erie Express that guest can ride around the village.

Phase two of the project will take on more buildings along the main street to get that resemblance of an old 1920’s downtown.

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