Secretary DeVos visits Perrysburg

Betsy DeVos tours Penta in Perrysburg (WNWO).

PERRYSBURG, Ohio (WNWO) -- United States Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos, made a stop in Northwest Ohio Monday.

DeVos toured the Penta Career Center in Perrysburg.

Her visit was centered around Penta's partnerships with other local organizations to prepare students for their careers.

“We had the opportunity to show her what we’re doing with our partnerships through adult education," said Ed Ewers, assistant superintendent at Penta Career Center.

One of those partnerships the secretary saw was at the Correctional Treatment Facility, where inmates receive career readiness classes.

"We provide teachers, educators there at the correctional facility," said Lange. "Those students have an opportunity to earn their high school diploma, that moves them down the path, again the goal is to always have a qualified workforce."

After her tours, secretary DeVos hosted a private round table discussion with students, staff and area officials.

But not everyone was impressed with her visit, and made sure their opinions were heard.

"The problem that we have with her is that she doesn't understand the importance of public education," said protester Ruth Leonard. "Coming to places like Penta, and taking tours and doing visits like that only pumps up these private and charter schools it doesn't do anything to help public schools when majority of the children are enrolled."

Protesters also cited public school funding, and the need for quality education for all children.

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