Sen. Sherrod Brown outlines bill aimed at stopping terrorism

Sen. Sherrod Brown at Owens Community College. (WNWO)

WALBRIDGE - Sen. Sherrod Brown met with local leaders at Owens Community College Emergency Preparedness Center today to outline a bill aimed at stopping terrorism at home and abroad.

Brown says the Defeat ISIS and Protect and Secure the United States Act would give grant money to law enforcement agencies for anti-terrorism training, tighten international passport regulations, place sanctions on any foreign financial institution that deals with ISIS and stop suspected or known terrorists from buying a gun.

"People shouldn't be fearful. They should be concerned and they should be vigilant," Brown said.

If passed, the grant money will be used to help officers stay up to date on the latest training techniques used to combat terrorism.

Toledo Police Chief George Kral says if money wasn't an issue his officers would train every month on a different threat, instead of just a few days a year of training.

"The thing about these active shooter incidents, they evolve. The response changes based on what the suspects are doing. Getting this money from this legislation to help train our officers is invaluable," Kral said.

"People should report things, but they should live their lives as they always have, not live in fear. It's up to us to protect people and that means legislation like this, it means police training it means cutting off the financing of terrorist organizations internationally," Brown said.

Brown says the bill would also help Syrian refugees stay closer to their homes in Jordan and Lebanon, create a new ISIS czar to direct efforts to defeat ISIS, require the universal use of electronic passports for the Visa Waiver Program, develop a strategy for securing high risk radiological material in hospitals and industrial sites and create a new Department of Homeland Security office dedicated to stopping extremism.

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