Seneca County Health Department is organizing for forum on Sunny Farms Landfill next week

    The Sunny Farms Landfill will be the topic of an open forum next Wednesday night at 6 p.m.

    With a possibility of 1,500 people attending next week's public forum on the Sunny Farms Landfill, the Seneca County Health Department is trying to be as organized as possible.

    "That is really our goal, to be the boots on the ground with the connection to the community and to the landfill," said Seneca County Health Commissioner Beth Schweitzer.

    The health department released some facts surrounding the landfill on Wednesday, in hopes of answering some questions before the forum.

    The major issue with Sunny Farms is the strong rotten egg odor it projects.

    "That is definitely a public concern. It's not pleasant and we want to understand that. So I think the citizens decided to group and ask some questions to see what could be done about this, if there is more that can be done," said Schweitzer.

    The smell comes from hydrogen sulfide, which is created from rainwater falling into landfill cells.

    The Ohio EPA has issued three notices of violation reports, plus one notice of deficiency report to Sunny Farms since December.

    With hopes of making the forum as organized as possible, the health department announced there would be three 7-10 minute presentations from each of the EPA, Sunny Farms, and the health department.

    There will then be a question and answer session, and the public is being asked to submit questions to, with the subject "forum."

    "We wanted to do it as efficiently as possible to be conscious of everyone's time, but we do want to assure them that we are not just answering questions about odor and health issues. We know there have been some other issues that have come up since," explained Schweitzer.

    You will also be able to submit any questions on the day of the forum, with note cards in place at the event.

    The health department says this is only the beginning of the discussions, and more events could be planned in the future.

    The forum was scheduled to be at the Fostoria Jr/Sr. High School cafeteria. It has been moved to the auditorium to fit more people, and it has a better PA system. It starts at 6 p.m. next Wednesday.

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