Seven years later, Racole Hill's murder remains unsolved


There were 25 homicides in 2010, but the 18th one of the year still has TPD searching.

In fact, the case is now cold.

A 1986 graduate of Scott High School, where she ran track, played basketball, sang in choir and was dubbed the class clown. Actively involved in the community, Racole Hill also participated in the Cornerstone Church and was Vice President of the Isaiah Thomas Giving Foundation, a program set up for her friend, after her child died.

She would also become one of the most sought after barbers in Toledo at King and Queens Barber and Beauty Shop.

"Ms. Hill was well known in the community and certainly highly thought of, both in her business and her social activities. Again, hoping someone from that night comes forward," said TPD Detective Jay Gast.

The night was Tuesday, September 7th. 42-year-old Hill, also known as Cocoa da Barber was just wrapping up with work for the day.

Her old boss, Edward Phillips, said Hill's chair was never empty, and always had people on the waiting list.

He sat with her in the shop, not knowing it was the last night they'd ever speak.

"We sat in there and talked for a while. I left and thought she was going home."

After leaving King and Queens no more than two hours before her death, Hill went to a friend's birthday party at 1127 Fernwood Avenue around 11:30 p.m. Shortly after arriving, she was outside talking with friends.

Then, two suspects, identified at the time as African-American men in their early 20s, showed up and started shooting.

She was not believed to be a target, but Racole Hill was dead before police arrived. She was shot in the neck, with the bullet lodging near her spine.

Her keys were still in the ignition.

Hill left behind three children and one grandson.

Shortly after her death, the community rallied together to hold a vigil in her honor, at the site of her death, and at her old barber shop.

Now more than seven years later, her murder remains a mystery.

At the time of her death Toledo Police said they were going to catch the person responsible but they'd need a lot of help from the public.

The case went cold after the lead investigator retired.

TPD still hoping someone out there knows something, helping bring closure to her family and the case.

"Even if you think your information may not be super substantial, it may fit a piece of the puzzle that maybe we haven't put out there."

In a statement to NBC 24.. Racole's Sister, Felicia Hill, says detectives haven't reached out to her since 2010.

"I would encourage these detectives to start communicating with the family... we are still hopeful the killers will be caught."

Anyone with information on the case can remain anonymous by calling in a tip to Crime Stoppers.

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