Shipley Morlock "Sees Hope in People" with t-shirt donations to wildfire victims

Shipley Morlock has helped sell 100 "Ship" t-shirts, and has celebrated their donations with a dab on Thursday (WNWO).

An Elmwood first grader is using t-shirts to make a difference.

Seven-year-old Shipley Morlock's idea to design shirts has turned into a non-profit organization.

It all started when his mother said all proceeds would have to be given away.

"I told him, that's fine, as long as we were going to donate the money. He wasn't going to keep any of that. He sat down at the table and came up with a phrase. And it says," said Michelle Morlock.

Shipley added, "Ship...See Help in People."

When it came time to decide where the money was going to go, Shipley knew exactly what he wanted.

"I wanted to help people, and I just thought about that. My teacher, Mrs. Weiker, told our class about the fires in California, so I donated the money there."

Shipley's idea has certainly become a reality for the Morlock family, with shirts selling rapidly after using Facebook to spread the message.

For Michelle, it's a mother's dream to see her son run with this idea.

"It just blew me away that he was thinking of someone else like that, and wanting to help people. So we wanted to encourage his entrepreneurship, encourage him to think of other people and try to help."

The Ship t-shirts are currently being sold for $10, and polos are also being sold for $35 and $40.

They have seen about 100 orders so far. Shipley's goal when he started the campaign was 500. He said that if he makes it that far, he wants to sell 2,000.

The family agrees that any amount of money they can raise will make a difference.

"I think it's great because I just think he's helping so many people. While it might not be able to buy a house, it can buy a bunch of food, toys and a lot of stuff. It helps a lot of people out."

If you are interested in purchasing a shirt, you can visit the Screen Printed Products page here.

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