Some downtown construction projects will wrap up soon

City officials say some of the downtown construction projects could be done by the end of August (WNWO).

TOLEDO, Ohio (WNWO) -- We are no stranger to construction this summer in Toledo.

But some of those projects could soon be coming to an end.

"These are major repair programs that we have going we got state dollars, federal dollars for that I think it's going to be a good thing for making our downtown look better and making our transportation system function better," said Doug Stephens, Administrator, Division of Engineering Services.

According to Stephens, the construction projects on Michigan, Erie and Monroe streets are projected to be done by next week. But there will still be some work to finish.

"Then you're still going to see some zone set up because when you look in the street you see the manhole castings those all have to be adjusted and we pour concrete collars after we've done the paving and we have to do striping," said Stephens.

It's been a bit of a hassle for some downtown businesses.

"You know with the construction that's really kind of hurt us somewhat because there's really no where to park on this side," said Dan Martinez, owner of Downtown Johnny's.

But Martinez still found a way to make the best of the situation, but taking advantage of the closed road out front of his establishment.

"I kind of put a positive spin on it because with it being blocked off in front of the bar I've been able to have a few block parties here for when they have concerts across the street at the Huntington Center," said Martinez.

After getting permission from the city, he has hosted a number of block parties making use of DORA (the Downtown Outdoor Refreshment Area) during large events.

"Why not take advantage of this eye sore over here and do something great with it," said Martinez.

Other businesses who did not want to be named, gave mixed reviews, saying the construction has hurt their business, and others said they haven't noticed a decline.

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