Special Olympics Cyclist receives new bike

Francisco test drives a new bike (courtesy:NBC24.com).

TOLEDO, OHIO (WNWO)-- Fransico Hernandez Morales Jr doesn't speak much, but his face said it all Tuesday when he was surprised with a new bike.

It was all thanks to the efforts of Boyk law firm, which each summer provides one bicycle a week a deserving child.

"We started Bikes for Kids in 2009 as a way to promote bicycle safety," said Anneke Godlewski, Marketing & Communications Rep for Boyk.

Francisco was nominated by Sue Hess, his Special Olympics coach. She wasn't able to be there when he got the bike, but it was something she had previously spoken with his dad.

"The bikes that he was riding were getting smaller as he was growing,s o he was excited to be able to have a new bike," said Francisco Morales Senior. The whole family came along for the bike delivery, even Franciso's litter sister whom he helps teach to cycle.

"Socializing is big. He loves people. He loves to talk to people. He loves hanging out with other kids, but he exerts himself when he rides exercises is good to keep him, his whole body moving..."

Experts say Morales is right about staying active. With 15 percent of Lucas county high schoolers struggling with obesity, incorporating exercise is important.

"We want the kids outside, we want them playing, we just want them doing it in a safe way," said Eugene Izsak, MD of Pediatric Emergency Medicine with Promedica.

Bikes for Kids buys the bicycles from Wersell's bike shop. The shop donates a helmet and a lock to each winner, which Izsac say is the most important when riding.

"Head injuries are what we're most worried about."

Bikes for kids is currently accepting nominations for deserving kids until August 22nd. In the meantime Franciso's Dad says he couldn't be happier.

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