St. Pius creates Peer Witness Group to fight bullying

Students at St. Pius X Catholic School watch a cyber security presentations (courtesy:

Toledo, Ohio (WNWO)-- Last month two local teens committed suicide.

And the Prosecutor's office said they were both related to online bullying.

Victim's Assistance through the Lucas prosecutor's office spoke to middle schoolers at St Pius the tenth Catholic School about sexting and cyber bullying.

To stay proactive staff are also letting the students take the lead with a peer witness program ,reporting bullying to each other via a designated student leader.

The school says while bullying isn't a huge problem, they do want to stay proactive.

"If you're having an issue that you're not comfortable you know we've been talking to mom and dad or your teachers about, you will go to a student for help then that person will then come to the adults ," said St. Pius Principal Susan Richardson.

The school says they plan to have another event on September 19th.

That will be on teen dating.

To schedule your own free presentation you can visit the Prosecutor's Office .

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