Steven King tells Toledo Police where to find Elaina Steinfurth remains

A poster with Elaina's photo covers a tree near the home where she was last seen.

A quick list of some of the people involved in the case of missing toddler Elaina Steinfurth include Julie King, the mother of Steven King, who says her son pointed authorities to the girl's body.

Steven King is the ex-boyfriend of Angela Stenifurth, Elaina's mother.

Julie owns the Federal St. house where baby Elaina was last seen, and where Steven lived before being arrested on a charge of obstructing justice. The home is also where Angela was temporarily staying, along with her two children, prior to Elaina's disappearance.

Toledo Police have confirmed that "immature human remains" were removed from the garage located behind the house on 704 Federal St. during a search Thursday. The family of Steven King tell WNWO that police found the remains because Steven, while in custody, told them exactly where to look.

Witnesses say they recovered a box covered in a tarp. In that box were the remains of a young child, presumably Elaina's.

"We wanted to find the body. We wanted to find that baby, which we did," said Toledo Police Chief Derrick Diggs during a press conference Friday morning.

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The house on Federal Street was searched by authorities at least four times, but only the house. WNWO got an exclusive look inside the bedroom where Elaina was last seen, which was left a complete mess by authorities after one of those searches.

"We've conducted a couple search warrants at the house. Specifically, the garage, no. Obviously our investigation led us there yesterday," TPD Detective Wes Bombrys said at the press conference.

The family members of Steven King tell WNWO that Steven told police that the box containing the remains of Elaina was located in a small loft in the rafters of the garage. "It was located near the far corner of that garage under quite a bit of other boxes, trash and things of that nature," said another officer at the press conference.

The garage had been searched at least twice before, but police said it was too dangerous to send cadaver dogs inside.

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Volunteer group, Justice for Nevaeh, told police that their own cadaver dog got a hit on the garage, but that lead was never followed. And somehow, the body went undiscovered.

"We searched the garage to the best of our ability at that time. The location is very tough to search," said an officer at the presser after reporters questioned why the police had not found the body that was feet away from where they were looking.

Video taken the day after Elaina went missing, shows the side door to the garage clearly open, indicating someone had gone inside. "We're not going to get into how many times we checked here, how many times we checked that," said Chief Diggs.

Julie King tells us there is a old car in the garage, and the roof is now dented in due to searchers standing on it, attempting to look up into the rafters. However, no one saw the box that contained the missing girl, until, after three months, Steven King told police exactly where to look.

Steven's family said they got word Wednesday from Steven's attorney, that he was going to be giving police new information in the case.

After a brief court appearance Thursday morning, Steven spent quite some time at police headquarters. He had apparently been working on a plea deal before giving out any of the information of the whereabouts of Elaina.

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