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Stuck in the snow? Try these tips before calling a tow truck

Piasecki's Auto Service tows one of the many cars damaged during Friday's inclement weather (

TOLEDO, OHIO (WNWO)- It's a sound many dread. When your foot is on the gas, but your car isn't going anywhere.

That's where you call Jerry Tanner. He's been navigating Ohio's bumpy roads as a tow truck driver since the 90s.

"People stuck, jump starts, lock outs," said Tanner describing the many situations he's witnessed throughout the years.

While every situation is different, some are more common than others.

"A lot of calls that we get people are stuck in their own driveways their own yards ," said Tanner.

Some binds you can get yourself out of by shoveling behind the wheels and outside of your car. Just make sure you shovel a straight path to avoid your car form losing control.

"Once you start spinning and sliding you never know where you're going to end up, I mean you could hit your car or end up against your fence," said Tanner.

He also says don't be afraid to call a friend for an extra push.

There's also the rocking method, shifting your car back and forth in reverse and drive to "rock" yourself out of snow ground.

You can also put rock salt,sand or kitty litter behind your tires to help with traction. Also avoid spinning your wheels for more than 10 seconds, because you can do damage to your car but also dig yourself into a deeper hole.

As Jim Piasecki, Owner of Piasecki Auto Service tell NBC 24, if a friend does try and pull you out, make sure they know what their doing to avoid damage.

"Make sure he gets onto something strong, not suspension or steering linkage or anything like that," said Piasecki.

If all the above fails and you do have to call it quits, Piasecki's says they'll be glad to help.

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