Students Get "Real World" Work, Penta Career Center

Penta Career Center.PNG

Every year on Christmas Eve, along with other days leading up to the New Year, NBC24 airs Life Sounds Better Here. The piece showcases the vocal talent of Penta Career Member Schools spreading holiday cheer through song. The yearly project is a collaborated effort by NBC24 and Penta Career Center which allows students to get “real world” working experience.

The Life Sounds Better Here project is the first one of the school year where students take their textbook skills and put them into action. Senior Digital Video Production students produce, shoot, and edited the pieces readying them for airtime.

Russ Grycza, Digital Video Production Instructor says, “Students gain a lot of real world experience so they know what it’s going to be like when they go out to a job, to be able to work in the industry and be able to use the language that the professionals use, to be able to interact with them on a professional level and just to have the background and know how to do the job coming in.”

To watch any of the performances produced by the production class go …

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