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Students showcase research to teachers from across the world

Hull Prairie Intermediate School students.

PERRYSBURG, Ohio (WNWO) - Students in Perrysburg are doing their part to bring educational content to people all over the world. It's all part of the STEM and project-based learning approach the school is taking. It allows students to apply what they learn in class to a real life situation.

Fifth and Sixth graders at Hull Prairie Intermediate School presented new technology to 21 teachers, from 21 different countries. They're here as part of a program with BGSU.

Local students have been doing research on SolarSPELL and actually building the devices. So far, they have created four devices and want to get them in schools across the country. It's like an online database for those without internet access.

"We'll enable students to log on to an internet-like experience, and they'll have information on many different topics they can look up," said Bill Hilt, a social studies teacher at Hull Prairie Intermediate School. "It's like having a whole library inside a tackle box."

The first device was built at Arizona State University.

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