Study: People lie more in email

A new study reveals people are more likely to lie in a email than a face-to-face conversation. / SPazzø (Flickr)

A new study finds you're more likely to lie to someone in an email or instant message than in-person.

The study out of the University of Massachusetts Amherst looked at conversations between undergrads either in person or online.

Researchers found participants talking by email were five times more likely to lie than those speaking face-to-face. People talking via instant message were three times more likely to lie.

"Ultimately, the findings show how easy it is to lie when online, and that we are more likely to be the recipient of deceptive statements in online communication than when interacting with others face-to-face," researcher Robert Feldman said to U.S. News.

Researchers say most of the lies were minor. They suspect people are more relaxed when they are using the computer and don't have to worry about their mannerisms revealing their lies.

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