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Swanton family turns to CBD oil to treat daughter's seizures

Amber and Chris Impton credit CBD oil to relieve daughter's uncontrollable seizures (WNWO).
Amber and Chris Impton credit CBD oil to relieve daughter's uncontrollable seizures (WNWO).
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SWANTON, Ohio (WNWO) -- 'Ashlyn surprised me with how alert she was today' read a note sent back from school.

Notes like these, from their daughter's teacher, are what mom and dad Amber and Chris Impton look forward to.

At eight-months-old their daughter Ashlyn was diagnosed with CDKL5, a rare genetic disorder that results in severe neurodevelopmental impairment and uncontrollable seizures.

"You don't want to see your child go through that and to see your child go through it 10 times a day, it was devastating," said Amber.

Each seizure was not only torturing her parents, but causing more damage to her brain. The family was desperate for a better solution.

"We had her on a steroid for awhile that ran the risk of actually blowing up her heart, and that was pretty nerve wracking," said Chris.

"And we figured you know we've gone through all these seizure medications that have all these high risks anyways and they're not working, why not try the CBD oil," said Amber.

Now, Ashlyn is mostly seizure free, which her parents credit to CBD oil.

There is controversy behind the treatment because its derived from the cannabis plant. But supporters say the oil doesn't contain THC, the psychoactive compound in marijuana, so there is no 'high' or euphoric effect.

"CBD is a non-intoxicating form of cannabis and it helps with pain, inflammation, anxiety, a long list of things including seizures," said Payton Demoe, Toledo Hemp Center manager.

This treatment comes at a price, that the family couldn't continue to pay for.

They received a sponsorship through the ECHO Connection, a nonprofit organization helping families need with hemp oil products.

"We were paying anywhere from $300 to $400 a month, I mean that's like an extra car payment," said Amber.

Now the family wants to spread the message, about a treatment they wish they knew about sooner.

"Anything to help anybody not have to go through what we went through," said Amber. "I always say if we would've found CBD a little before it could've bought her more time to where she didn't have all the seizures that she had to cause more and more brain damage and she could be doing more today."

"If we just help one family and influence them," said Chris. "Then she's (Ashlyn) done her job and we've done our job at least."

The Impton's are proud of their 4th grader and enjoy each little bit of progress.

"It's so hard to even explain, just the little tiny positives how they mean so much."

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