Sylvania develops domestic violence plan

Local leaders make plans for preventing and addressing domestic violence.

Sylvania and Sylvania Township are taking domestic violence seriously.

Local leaders along with law enforcement and outreach programs met for a roundtable discussion Tuesday. Their goal is to come up with feasible solutions to prevent domestic violence and to provide a comprehensive recovery system to help those who have been victims.

"Part of today is to give opportunity for service providers to network amongst eachother so that we know who's doing what and if someone comes to us with an issue outside of our expertise then we'll know who to refer them to," said Cece Norwood, Sexual Abuse Treatment Healing Coalition of Northwest Ohio.

Norwood says sexual violence, abuse, stalking and intimidation is not bound by any labels: it can happen to people from all socio-economic backgrounds and racial groups.

So, they say, forget the stigma and keep an eye out for your neighbors and do not be afraid to report abuse.

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