TAWA back after compromise discussed between suburbs and Toledo

The members of the Toledo Area Water Authority met on Friday morning to dicuss Mayor Kapszukiewicz's new proposal (WNWO).

Toledo Mayor Wade Kapszukiewicz announced proposed changes to the Toledo Area Water Authority Thursday. Friday, surrounding communities came up with a compromise.

"There was no handshake. No one signed any document in there, but it was a good, positive conversation and I think we made progress," said Toledo Mayor Wade Kapszukiewicz.

After Toledo Mayor Wade Kapszukiewicz announced by letter a new idea for the "Toledo Regional Water Commission" on Thursday, representatives from a portion of TAWA met Friday morning.

"We came out today with the knowledge that we're not going to have the sale of our water treatment plant on the table anymore, which was the number one thing that citizens were concerned about. We're working toward a new plan that I think is going to work really well, and I think council will receive well, as well," said Toledo City Council Member, Nick Komives.

The problem with the proposal Thursday was that Toledo City Council ultimately had the final say in rates.

Now, Toledo will retain ownership of its water treatment plant, and TAWA would have a 40 year lease, while taking on the more than $500 million EPA mandated debt to repair it.

"This is the best we've been since that signing in January. We have made a concession to move towards the middle to allow Toledo to maintain ownership of the plant. We hope that will move it forward, so yes, I'm feeling very good about it," stated Sylvania Mayor Craig Stough.

TAWA will now be amended to include the new changes. They will meet again in June.

With this new version of TAWA, each part will get a representative on an advisory board. Toledo would receive two.

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