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Team Recovery talks dangers of drug addiction with youth

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The heroin problem Lucas and many other counties around the country are facing right now is getting bigger.

Team Recovery, a non-profit organization aimed at helping addicts find the resources to get sober, is trying to combat the problem before it begins.

Matt Bell, president at Team Recovery and former heroin addict himself spoke at Scott High School today at a presentation aimed at freshmen and sophomores about the dangers of drug abuse.

"I think it all started with pain pills. We know that pain pills lead to heroin addiction. 80-90 percent of heroin addicts start with pain pills," said Bell.

He also wanted to get across the point to students, you're not immune to becoming addicted to drugs.

Scott High School student Marquise Lofton agrees.

"They really don't. Until that one day it happens to them and then one day they're going to be looking back like dang, he's giving the same speech I'm giving them or one day their family members can possibly bury them in their grave," said Lofton.

If you know someone who is struggling with addiction, you can reach Team Recovery here.

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