Tecumseh High School teacher surprised by send-off as he heads to Middle East

Tecumseh High School's Nick Benschoter will be spending six months in the Middle East (WNWO - Michael Fairchild).

For Math Teacher and Cadet Program facilitator at Tecumseh High School, Nick Benschoter, it was an emotional and unexpected day.

"The support with the school, the administration and students have given was just overwhelming."

During the school's annual Thanksgiving staff-learner volleyball tournament, staff and learners surprised Benschoter with a send-off.

As an Air National Guardsman, he is set to head to the Middle East for six months. Tuesday was his last day in the classroom.

The school invited his family to be by his side on the special day.

"Again, I didn't know this was coming and I didn't know they were going to be here. I know it's probably harder on them than it is me. They're the ones going through as much as, or more than I am. As much as you try to control and manage the situation, it's tough on them."

High School Principal Griff Mills is grateful for Benschoter's service in the classroom and for his country.

"Now he's been teaching the class for ten weeks, and now he has to leave. He will be missed, and our building had the chance to tell him he will be missed."

For his cadets, they saw this as an opportunity to show how much Benschoter has rubbed off on them, and how his personal experiences are impacting them.

"He knows when to be funny. He knows when to be serious. He's a good role model. He's kind of a father figure to all the cadets. He's more family than a teacher, but we all look up to him and respect him greatly," said Squad Leader Cade Wilhelm.

This is Benschoter's third deployment. Upon his return, he plans to take back over his duties at THS. The school has said it will welcome him back with open arms.

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