Teen gets new shoes, clothes after being bullied on Facebook

    Teen Toney Mitchell pictured with new clothes, shoes (courtesy:David Ross).

    Toledo, Ohio (WNWO)-- After being bullied and attacked on social media 17-year-old Toney Mitchell has new clothes and shoes.

    Over the weekend Saturday a friend posted a picture.

    "I told my friend don’t post that, it's not even a good look. He was playing around and still posted it," said Mitchell.

    Bullies zeroed in on his shoes, one of only a few pairs he had.

    "[They were] talking about I’m broke and all types of stuff"

    "It was sad to see adults stoop that low,” said Soul city Boxing Coach David Ross. “You never go what he gong through at home to know how he would respond to that."

    Several nasty comments and shares later the post was taken down.

    With damage already done, David Ross decided to step in and created a Facebook post asking for help.

    Mitchell and Ross are cousins, but he says even if he was a stranger he would have done the same thing.

    Devonne Fagan didn’t see the original post but, but hear about it through his girlfriend. He wanted to donate a pair of his shoes to the teen, but after finding he wore a different size he simply asked for cash donation.

    Within an hour Ross and Fagan had collected $650. Some of those donations even from the same people who made negative comments.

    Store Owner of Sunika athletic apparel Josep Naimy stepped in too, donating clothes and shoes.

    "He was very appreciative," said Naimy.

    Mitchell has a new wardrobe and shoes.

    As far as his friend and the naysayers, he said he's already forgiven them.

    For people on social media, Mitchell wants them to think twice about what they type and the impact of their words.

    "Don’t do it. It’s not right because they wouldn’t want that to happen to them either," said Mitchell.

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