Testimonies reveal James Worley's post arrest injuries, bank statements

worley in court.PNG

FULTON COUNTY (WNWO)-- During Day 4 of the James Worley murder trial Defense Attorney Merle Dech thoroughly questioned State witnesses On everything from who and how many people collected evidence to if tests were done at the grave site.

"Was that mud or dirt collected for submission to any laboratory?" asked Dech.

The questions are connected to the dirt found on Worley's clothing and shoes left in his room.

" Would you consider that to be a sufficient amoutn of mud or dirt on boot? i do not do trace analysis. I don't know..."

No analysis, No way to make sure the dirt found on Worley was from the cornfield on county road 7 where Joughins body was recovered.

But aside from soil matches, Prosecutor's say there' s a slew of other evidence connecting the 58-year-old to the crime such as scratches and marks recorded by investigators on Worley's body July 22, 2016.

There were also three debit cards found in the wallet in his room all in his name. Receipts from that same wallet show purchases made the 20th and the 21st, two days after Joughin went missing.

Bank records also show Worley made purchases to websites Ali Express and Wicked Temptations.

Prosecutor's say they explain the of lingerie and women's clothing found in Worley's barn.

There's a mountain of evidence stacked against the man facing the death penalty if convicted.

So a Defense team working on his behalf must take every precaution.

Their actions could mean all the difference between life and death.

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