TFD and towing companies prepare for busy workload as snow falls

Schaad's Service and Towing brings in a vehicle with a flat tire (WNWO).

The Toledo Fire Department and towing companies across the city have plans in place for more work in the near future.

"We're going to respond to every call. We don't have a waiting list or anything like that. You call, we're dispatched, and we roll," said TFD Public Information Officer, Sterling Rahe.

The TFD is certainly an important first responder in the winter months, with increased accidents.

This can lead to a lot of extra work, but plans are in place.

Generally, crews are moved around to each district, but TFD says there are some other circumstances.

"There's contingency plans if we were to be overwhelmed with the amount of runs, that they would recall and fill extra engines, or other crews in service. That's on a case by case basis."

While Toledo Fire is generally one of the first on the scene, towing companies find themselves coming in to help drivers get unstuck from the snow, and clean up messes the snow brings.

"We try to work the schedule that would help our customers to get back on the road as soon as possible. The towing is around the clock, so it keeps busy all the time to save people and actually bring in new customers."

Schaad's Service and Towing Owner, Robert Batey, says patience is the most important part at staying safe and avoiding help from his tow trucks. That includes patience before you leave your home.

"You definitely want to look at your batteries. If they're more than four years old, change them. You'll get stranded and you'll hate yourself, and it'll cost you hundreds and hundreds of dollars more. Antifreeze needs to be checked, washer fluid needs to be checked."

Batey also said that if you are in an accident, the best thing to do is get away from your vehicle, if able. Then, call 911, in case of another car sliding into yours.

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