The End of the George G. Wolfe Field House Era: nearly 70 years of memories

The George G. Wolfe Field House was the site for all Rossford home games and matches from 1950 until 2018 (WNWO).

The George G. Wolfe Field House is no more at Rossford Schools, after it had stood there for nearly 70 years.

"It was our Boston Garden. As a kid growing up, you just couldn't wait to play there," said former player Greg Marquette.

"We used to have a spotlight, and they introduced the starting five before the game. That was always good for ten points because it just got you so pepped up, the spotlight. The kids used to line up and reach out for you to slap their hands. That was great. The kids really looked up to you back then," said former player Joe Stalma, Jr.

The first game was played in the George G. Wolfe Field House on February 22nd, 1950. The last was played exactly 68 years and a day later, on February 23rd of this year.

Rossford defeated the Woodmore Wildcats on a last second lay-up.

The Field House was built for just $306,000 and has hosted 25 league champions across four sports during its existence, a tenure that has now been completed.

Now, what's left are the endless stories from former players and coaches.

"That was our playground. It's where we did our homework. It was tough to see it, but at the same time, it's time," stated Marquette.

Two of those players, Greg Marquette and Joe Stalma, Jr., both sons of successful coaches, developed a lifelong bond that all started right inside the George G. Wolfe Field House.

"We were at the practices all the time, running around that field house as little kids. I got to meet all the greatest athletes that got to play at Rossford, and it was a great thing to go through," said Stalma.

So now, what's next for Rossford Schools?

The construction on several aspects of the district will be in the works until the Spring of 2020.

It will feature a brand new bus garage, campuses for all students, and state of the art athletic facilities.

As the walls begin to tumble, you can still hear the fans chanting for the Bulldogs in the historic field house.

"I'd like to see some Rossford basketball teams start to put some hardware in the trophy cases. They've had a dry spell of late, but I have faith and confidence in Coach Vorst and his staff that they can continue to build," declared Marquette.

The construction of the school buildings began this week. As for the current students and teachers, they will be housed at Owens Community College until January 2020. Then, they will move in and create new memories.

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