The moon will be "blue" today - a rare, fitting farewell to Neil Armstrong

The moon will be "blue" today - a fitting farewell to Neil Armstrong.

Today, a private funeral for Neil Armstrong will be held in Cincinnati.

And a rare coincidence is occurring. There's a 'blue moon' today, a fitting farewell to the first man on the moon.

A blue moon occurs when there's a second full moon in one calendar month. It won't happen again until July 2015. The full moon cycle is 29.5 days, so a blue moon is very uncommon.

Armstrong delivered what is arguably one of the most famous quotes of all time -- "One small step for man.. one giant leap for mankind" -- when he became the first man to walk on the moon in July of 1969 as the commander of the Apollo 11 mission. Armstrong died last Saturday from heart surgery complications. He was 82 years old.

Armstrong's family has asked that, if you'd like to pay tribute to him, look at the moon and giving the astronaut a wink.

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