Third motorcycle ride honoring Sierah Joughin draws nearly 1,000 riders

The third annual Keeping Our Girls Safe Motorcycle Ride drew 660 bikes and 998 riders (WNWO).

It's been nearly two years since she was killed, but hundreds still continue to honor her.

Sunday marked the third annual Keeping Our Girls Safe Motorcycle Ride, in memory of Sierah Joughin.

The non-profit organization was started by Sierah Joughin's boyfriend, Josh Kolasinski, after Sierah's death.

"I wanted the guys to get involved. There's a lot of fun runs and stuff, and Keeping Our Girls Safe, it's a guy's job. Whether you're a brother, a husband, or a boyfriend, I feel like that's our job and I wanted to get the guys out here for support," said Kolasinski.

She was kidnapped and murdered in July 2016, just moments after Kolasinski kissed her goodbye.

Since then, her killer, James Worley, has been sentenced to death for her murder.

Now that Joughin's case is over, there was a different feeling at this year's ride.

"I feel like we can breathe a little bit. It's more of a celebration of Sierah, rather than all the dark things that have happened recently," said Kolasinski.

The mission of the ride is to raise money to support women's safety.

All the funds that go toward Keeping Our Girls Safe help increase women's personal safety awareness and their free self-defense classes offered throughout Northwest Ohio.

"We've had right around 400 to 450 girls go through our program, which is a phenomenal thing. You'd be amazed on the class. It's very educational, very, very eye opening, just to keep our girls safe," stated Kolasinski.

The event featured 660 bikes and 998 riders.

If you would like to donate to the Keeping Our Girls Safe program, or find out how you can help out, visit their website here.

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