Three families speak on abuse at ProMedica's Autism Center at Bixby Hospital

There are now three families that have seen their child abused on video (WNWO).

Three separate families have now reported seeing video of their child that suffers from autism being abused at ProMedica's Austism Center at Bixby Hospital.

Each family says their child was abused by a separate employee.

The first family learned on Wednesday, August 8th.

Brandon and Megan VanEtten received a text message from a technician, saying she had "popped" their son in the mouth the day before.

They say their son's reaction, who cannot speak, when she raised her hand was as if this wasn't the first time

"We were shown the footage, which was not at all like she had described in the text. I ran out of the room, and my husband stayed and asked for them to call the police," said Megan.

That video was then shown to police, starting the investigation.

Next were Nicole Schroeder and Cody Wright.

They were shown a video by Adrian Police the following day.

Their son was abused by a teacher on the footage.

"If you can't trust the people that choose that work path, and choose that as their passion, then who can you trust if you can't trust them?" asked Wright.

This week, Michael Rosas and Jessie Reyes became the third family to learn their daughter with autism was seen on video suffering abuse from a staff member.

As soon as she got the call, we got emotional because we knew it wasn't going to be good what we were about to see. Just trying to wrap your head around it, deep down I was hoping we weren't going to get that call, but we kind of figured we would," said Rosas.

With three families now affected, the Adrian Police Department is asking anyone with additional information to contact Detective LaMar Rufner at 517-264-4834.

"We're the three that were fortunate enough to have footage. How disgusting that makes us feel as parents that we were the fortunate ones to have it caught on tape, because now every other family in that center is waiting for a phone call," said Megan VanEtten.

ProMedica issued a statement on Wednesday saying, "Through our proactive monitoring process, ProMedica became aware of an incident at the Bixby Autism Center. In accordance with our procedures, we immediately notified the appropriate parties to inform them about the matter. Since we are in the process of conducting a full investigation, we are unable to discuss specifics. However, we would like the community to know that we are committed to swiftly addressing any concern that is at odds with our high quality care standards."

The Adrian Police Department was unable to be reached for any updates on the case.

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