Three-year-old with Down syndrome headed to beauty pageant

Kallie Lewis suffers from Down syndrome, but the three-year-old will still head to Cincinnati next month for a beauty pageant (WNWO).

A Toledo 3-year-old is heading to a beauty pageant in Cincinnati, but she's not your typical contestant.

Kallie Lewis has Down syndrome.

She was picked to participate in the Baby Miss America Pageant in April.

Her family says they're honored Kallie's been chosen, and she's ready to hit the stage.

Kallie's mother, Heidi Strickland, says, "It's a huge deal. A lot of people don't feel that individuals with Down syndrome don't deserve life. So for her to be accepted and included in something like this, it's amazing."

The pageant will take place from April 27th through April 29th.

Her family is now raising money to make the trip. If you would like to donate to her GoFundMe page, click here.

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