Three-year-old with Down syndrome trying to raise money for beauty pageant trip

Kallie Lewis will have a benefit at HomeBoys Bar and Grille on July 14 (WNWO).

Kallie Lewis is headed to the Baby Miss World Pageant at Disney World.

The three-year-old with Down syndrome placed fourth at the Baby Miss American USA Pageant.

She is looking for some help in getting her to Orlando.

On Saturday, July 14th, HomeBoys Bar and Grille will be hosting a Spaghetti Dinner and bike run.

Their goal is to raise $8,000.

"She's had 19 surgeries, and actually she just got out of the hospital. She wasn't feeling good. For the people that don't know about the Homeboys, we're a charity bike organization that started a few years ago," said Celia Ramirez.

The bike run will stop at five local bars, including Sneaky Pete's Saloon, Velers Tavern, Fassett Tavern in Toledo, Country Keg in Graytown, and Village Pub in Millbury.

Tickets for the bike run are $15 to ride and $10 for a passenger. Spaghetti dinners are included in the bike run cost.

If you just want to attend the spaghetti dinner, it will cost $10 for adults and $5 for kids 12 and under.

If you'd like to donate or purchase a ticket, go to HomeBoys Bar at 502 Main Street in Toledo, or simply call 419-206-9398 or 419-279-6371.

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