Toledo Area Humane Society helps with hurricane disaster relief

The Toledo Area Humane Society is taking in 70 dogs from South Carolina to help with hurricane displacement (WNWO).

MAUMEE, Ohio (WNWO) -- The Toledo Area Humane Society is helping with hurricane relief efforts.

The shelter will be getting about 70 dogs from a shelter in Myrtle Beach this week, as many evacuate.

The program through the ASPCA, delivers animals to shelters across the country.

TAHS is already full, but figured out a way to accommodate the extra animals.

"We'll have to set up some temporary shelters, large dog crates and things like that to help with the influx of the animals coming in and then we'll be trying to get them into temporary foster homes until we can get some adopted out and make room for more to come in," said Kristen Mccann, TAHS foster manager.

If you have medium-to-large sized dog crates, the humane society is looking for donations to help house the extra animals.

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