Toledo area school teacher cleared of investigation

Teachers who have allegations lodged against them are provided with full due process

Interim Director of Human Resources Jane Spurgeon from Washington Local Schools issued the following statement on Wednesday regarding teacher Aaron Wolfe.

"This statement is issued in response to media inquiries regarding the Washington Local School District's investigation into concerns regarding teacher Aaron Wolfe.

Issues raised regarding teacher Aaron Wolfe have been thoroughly investigated.

Evidence has failed to show any misconduct or violation of board policies by Mr. Wolfe.

He has been cleared of any misconduct and/or violation.

This District will not overlook sexual harassment or misconduct of any kind.

Allegations or concerns will be fully and fairly investigated to ensure protection of all students.

Those investigations are not undertaken by the Board, but by those in Human Resources who are charged with handling all HR matters under established board policies, including a full and complete examination of all pertinent facts and information.

Teachers accused of misconduct are presumed innocent until proven guilty.

Teachers who have allegations lodged against them are provided with full due process, including a chance to respond with union representation and legal counsel.

Following a teacher's response, the matter may or may not come to the Board for consideration or action, depending upon the outcome of an investigation.

While someone filed a report with the Ohio Department of Education, Office of Professional Conduct, against Mr. Wolfe, filing of such a report with ODE does not, in and of itself, validate allegations.

My investigation concluded Mr. Wolfe was not involved in any misconduct, and that no violation of board policies occurred."

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